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Faith Hi everyone! Faith here - your tutor for this course ::) Please sign up in the top right hand corner to unlock all of the videos for free! Happy studying.

04 Jun, 2016 20:37

Tan Jun Rong Hey is this guide sufficient to cover my learning requirements for O levels?

12 Jun, 2016 13:13

Faith Thanks for your comment! This is just a supplementary tool for you to use in addition to your other resources and classes. I've tried to include the most important concepts in this short course for you :)

14 Jun, 2016 16:28

Faith Also Module 6 powerpoint is a summary of the previous 5 Modules :)

14 Jun, 2016 23:08

David I MUST get an A1 for physics! However, I always get B4 for my tests. By mastering the techniques to answer P2 structured questions, will it be sufficient to achieve an A1?

02 Aug, 2016 05:30

Faith Hi David, thanks for your comment! :) Mastering the techniques to answer P2 structured questions is insufficient to achieve an A1. Don't forget 30% of your overall grade comes from P1 MCQs as well and 20% from SPA.

02 Aug, 2016 19:10

Faith However, by mastering answering techniques for P2 getting an A1 for P2 itself should not be a problem if you do not have any conceptual issues.

02 Aug, 2016 19:13

Sameer Can you please make videos for the Nuclear Physics section ?