Faith Hi everyone! Faith here - your tutor for this course ::) Please sign up in the top right hand corner to unlock all of the videos for free! Happy studying.

04 Jun, 2016 20:37

Tan Jun Rong Hey is this guide sufficient to cover my learning requirements for O levels?

12 Jun, 2016 13:13

Faith Thanks for your comment! This is just a supplementary tool for you to use in addition to your other resources and classes. I've tried to include the most important concepts in this short course for you :)

14 Jun, 2016 16:28

Faith Also Module 6 powerpoint is a summary of the previous 5 Modules :)

14 Jun, 2016 23:08

David I MUST get an A1 for physics! However, I always get B4 for my tests. By mastering the techniques to answer P2 structured questions, will it be sufficient to achieve an A1?

02 Aug, 2016 05:30

Faith Hi David, thanks for your comment! :) Mastering the techniques to answer P2 structured questions is insufficient to achieve an A1. Don't forget 30% of your overall grade comes from P1 MCQs as well and 20% from SPA.

02 Aug, 2016 19:10

Faith However, by mastering answering techniques for P2 getting an A1 for P2 itself should not be a problem if you do not have any conceptual issues.

02 Aug, 2016 19:13

Sameer Can you please make videos for the Nuclear Physics section ?

04 Aug, 2016 20:15

Faith Hi Sameer! Sorry but are you in IP or O levels? Because there isn't Nuclear Physics in the O levels syllabus. If you would like help with the topic, I could make some cheat sheets for it but I would need to know what subtopics there are.

05 Aug, 2016 17:01

Sameer please download the syllabus for 5070 and see that part...it may include radioactivity, atom etc...thank you

05 Aug, 2016 21:51

Faith Sorry for the extremely late reply but 5070 is a chemistry paper. You can check out the chemistry videos we have here on zookal :)

29 Oct, 2016 18:14

Rahul Hello Ms Faith, thanks for the great modules! Just binged watched all of the modules especially module 5, which was indeed very useful. The modules really helped me for my physics O's tmr! Thanks for creating such great modules and content, and hope to learn more for next year's JC... Please continue to create such great content, as I'm quite sure there are more students like me... I'll definitely recommend this to my other friends... Thank you so much for the helpful modules!

02 Nov, 2017 22:24

Faith Hi Rahul! I'm glad to know my videos have helped you. All the best for your O's tomorrow!

02 Nov, 2017 22:32

rahul Hello faith, my name is James and i have just completed my IGCSE examinations in the UK, where i did pure physics. Thank you very much as your videos have helped me out to figure out the o level syllabus in Singapore. I am writing an examination to enter ACS Independent, where there is a one hour paper, but the format is not revelaed and they just said to prepae tthe o level pure physics syllabus. Please help me out with a eply and if you find that any recources would be useful for me, then please post it in the reply or you can email it to james1975peterson1975@gmail.com .Thanks once again for the videos and i would really require your help to get into my dream school. Please send me anything that you think will help me out in this process.

03 Aug, 2018 12:49

rahul please help me

03 Aug, 2018 13:00

rahul miss I don't have much time

13 Aug, 2018 11:39

Iqra can you please speak a little clearer?