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11 Sep, 2015 09:58

Steven Ong Hello James! Thank you very much for your great video lectures! I'm also a Chemistry Major doing CM1111 this semester. May I know if we also have access to Modules 4 through 7? Steven =)

23 Sep, 2015 15:25

James Loke Wen Liang Hello Steven! I am very glad that you have watched my videos. Thank you so much! Could you try signing up and see whether you can have access to them? If you still cannot view the videos after signing in, then please inform me.

25 Sep, 2015 10:35

Steven Ong Hi James. Thanks again! I can now access the videos after sharing the link with my friends who are doing this module too. They told me that your videos are very useful too. All the very best for your studies too =) ~Steven

11 Oct, 2015 13:56

James Loke Wen Liang Thanks Steven. I am glad that the videos helped you and your friends to understand the lecture content better. All the best to you and your friends too!

11 Oct, 2015 21:47

Steven Ong =)

11 Oct, 2015 22:47

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18 Oct, 2015 12:35

sophie ng Hi james Loke, You are an awesome tutor. By any chance, do you have the solutions for cm1131 finals?