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nileshChaudhari good

20 Jun, 2016 19:22

Christina Thank you Nilesh!

28 Jun, 2016 04:07

Willie Height of pyramid should be 3cm and not 5cm is that correct? 5cm is the hypotenuse. Using pythygoras's theorem, the height 3cm can be calculated.

20 Oct, 2018 08:01

Christina Hi all! Your video course instructor Christina here! Just a quick reminder to unlock all of my videos, please log in or sign up in the top right hand corner. Happy study!

28 Jun, 2016 03:59

waba vectors pls

09 Jul, 2016 00:42

David Is it best to use WiFi instead of data network to save on limited data usage?

28 Jul, 2016 05:40

Dipesh Phagami Thank you :)

12 Aug, 2017 15:35

rahul Hello christina, my name is James and i have just completed my IGCSE examinations in the UK, where i did CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS. Thank you very much as your videos have helped me out to figure out the o level syllabus in Singapore. I am writing an examination to enter ACS Independent, where there is a one hour paper, but the format is not revealed and they just said to prepare the o level pure physics syllabus. Please help me out with a reply and if you find that any resources would be useful for me, then please post it in the reply or you can email it to .Thanks once again for the videos and i would really require your help to get into my dream school. Please send me anything that you think will help me out in this process. i will also be writing the spers jc exam

03 Aug, 2018 13:02

rahul please reply soon

07 Aug, 2018 07:33

aadi rahul why is ur name james?

21 Jun, 2020 15:44

ty thanks