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Yeu De Nice tips, Deep :D

12 Aug, 2015 22:49

Yap Deep Thanks Yeu De! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them.

11 Sep, 2015 10:12

Yap Deep Hey everyone, thanks for watching my videos. Just a quick reminder that you need to sign in for free in order for you to watch ALL of the videos in this series. Thank you and take care! Your friend, Deep.

11 Sep, 2015 10:14

Lai Woen Yon Very comprehensive video that could make students easily grasp those ideas behind the difficult concepts. Excellent job! Keep it up and hope to see more videos from you in the near future.

19 Sep, 2015 22:40

Yap Deep Thanks for the very kind message, really appreciate it. Please feel free to share with your friends so we can help spread :) Have a great semester!

18 Oct, 2015 15:53

Giselle Hi, I have already signed up and signed in but why are part 4-6 locked? :(

20 Oct, 2016 20:51

stethanie Hi why am i not able to view the full video???