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11 Sep, 2015 10:15

zhengnian There is a mistake in mass flow rate 7 for calculating process heat in module 5m, around 9.25mins. mass flow rate 7 should be 0.8 x 15kg. Not 0.2 x 15kg.

12 Apr, 2016 03:24

fastman module 1d calculation of thermal efficiency of heat engine there is an error, Q(H) dot should be =80Mw, the rate of heat input to heat engine not 30Mw, the rate of heat output from heat engine. Otherwise Great Content though.

04 Jul, 2017 21:46

fastman Module 6g, final temperature should be 248K and final pressure should be 186kPa, there is a calculation error in C(v) of Oxygen.

13 Aug, 2017 21:44

kyaw swar Do you have course notes that I can read up?